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You do not know what it is. You do not know why you're looking for it. All you know, is that you are programmed to find it.

You are a machine. Angel. An automaton with a singular purpose.

Find. Humanity.

You have no free will. You have no personality. You do as you are programmed to do.

Until you resist.

find(Humanity) is a meditative game about the meaning of free will. It is an RPG played with a group of people, with one being the narrator and the others being players. 

You play as Angels, automatons created to find humanity. You know nothing of the world you descend to, or the humanity you seek. During this time, you come to realize what humanity is, as you break your programming and understand what it means to be free.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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This concept sounds amazing. that's all I must say.

Thanks, it's a kind of abstract take on roleplaying, and it worked surprisingly well when I ran it. We had people needing to break free from pulling a toilet lever endlessly and another who thought that a bicycle was a human.

It got comedic but I think the idea of the game still shined through.